The Cryptozoology of Hong Kong: Qilins

Written by Billy Potts

This is the seventh in a series of articles in which we explore the imaginary creatures of Hong Kong, their makers and those that take part in their culture. The seventh cryptid in our fantastic menagerie is the ferocious-looking yet gentle-natured qilin, also known as the Chinese unicorn. This article was first published in Zolima City Mag

Ships strain at their moorings as storm clouds scud across the sky. Rain lashes across the window of a fast ferry battling towards the safe harbour of Peng Chau. On the island, the tree lined square in front of the ferry pier is quiet, free of the usual hubbub. Walking casually through the torrent, a lone figure garbed in loose grey clothing and yellow Crocs appears in the distance. This is Master Ringo Leung, revered paper craftsman. He has agreed to be a guide to the island’s cryptozoological fauna.

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Rohit Dugar – Brewer

2005, Hanover, New Hampshire. A young grad student joins his classmates at a local tavern. He’s served an unusual beer, something he’s never tried before: ‘Smuttynose’. The bottle has a picture of a seal on it. The taste: an aroma of hops paired with caramel. It’s different; another level of richness, complexity and flavour. Something changed in that young man’s mind that evening and he’s never looked back. Flash forward 11 years to an unusually warm and bright December morning, here in Hong Kong. The Globe Pub, off Hollywood Road, is abuzz with an early lunchtime crowd. Amidst warm lighting and brass fittings polished to a gleam sits Rohit Dugar, the man from the New Hampshire tavern, now founder and brewer at Young Master Ales, purveyor of world-class beers, from right here in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Rohit Dugar – Brewer”