Leon Lam-Hien, Tattoo Artist

Photo courtesy of Pat Law of blankanvas. Leon drew her back tattoo a few years back.

Leon Lam-Hien is a tattoo artist who operates his studio, Shitoujii, out of an old tenement building in Mong Kok. Born in South Vietnam, Leon grew up in Lyon, France. He worked as an industrial designer before becoming a professional tattoo artist 15 years ago. He’s been working in Hong Kong since 2007.

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Professor Wong Chai Lok – Scholar, Educator, Calligrapher

Professor Wong Chai Lok, also known by his aliases ‘Ming-Fu’ and ‘Lok-Yung’, is renowned both for his major contributions to education in Hong Kong and to Chinese calligraphy. Over his long career, Professor Wong held many public and private posts, including Inspector of Schools and Headmaster of Government Schools. He has worked for over 60 years to promote Primary, Secondary and Adult Education in Hong Kong.  In the past few years Professor Wong and his wife have been using proceeds from the sale of his calligraphic works to build three schools in Guangdong and Guizhou.  This project has been supported by his friends and students.

Professor Wong, who will be turning 87 next month, continues to lecture on a variety of subjects including School Administration, Moral Education, and Chinese Calligraphy. He is known for his unique style of calligraphy and for his active promotion of the study of Chinese art. Continue reading

John Hobbie, painter of Hong Kong

John Hobbie is a Hong Kong-based theatre set designer. He’s a full time production designer for Disney, and the man behind the entrance hall to the giant DHL balloon that can be seen over the West Kowloon skyline.


The first watercolour on John’s blog—Life Guard Tower #1, Big Wave Bay

He’s also an artist who has been painting or drawing one Hong Kong scene a day, mostly in pencil or watercolour, and posting them on his blog for almost a year.

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Lai Kei Ice Cream Shoppe, Macau

In a fantastic twist of irony, our inaugural Dan Tat Monster post takes root in Macau! Next week we will write about Shenzhen, and the week after will take us farther afield, to Shanghai, then Inner Mongolia. We kid, we kid.

So, on this swelteringly hot and oppressively humid day, we turn your attention to Lai Kei, a historic ice cream shop shoppe in Macau.

We found it! We found it!

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